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The Art Of Fine Dinning
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Morning Pastry Selection

Mini Muffins
Wild blueberry, bran, & banana nut muffins

Wild blueberry, pumpkin spice, banana nut, apple walnut,
apple bran, streusel topped fruited bran muffins 

Black current, wild blueberry, honey-glazed buttermilk, cinnamon raisons, white chocolate

  Sweet Rolls and Donuts
Glazed, chocolate, cinnamon, powdered donuts, bear claws, cinnamon rolls 

Artisan Pastries
Cherry and cream cheese, apple cream cheese Danishes,
chocolate croissants, cream cheese croissants

Cinnamon raison, blueberry, whole grain & plain
with cream cheese spreads: honey cinnamon, strawberry and walnut raison
plain and reduced fat cream cheese 

Breakfast Breads
Cinnamon coffee cake with streusel topping, banana nut, pumpkin spice, whole wheat apple walnut, poppy seed bread